Since 2010, the number of accredited psychologist has doubled. Clinical psychologist in Victoria alone has jumped from 1,753 to 3,446 practitioners. This gives eHealth a strong opportunity to add value to your practise and to existing and potential clients.

Especially with 78.9% of Australia using the internet, there’s a huge audience to reach. So when we think of eHealth we don’t necessarily think of our websites.

When we look at eHealth, we think of complicated computer technology, expensive systems and unecessary digital tools used by larger healthcare providers that don’t necessarily contribute to improving our client care and experience with us.

So what does eHealth have to do with me?

Which is a good question given the following responses are normal:

  • It’s expensive.
  • My business reputation and experience proves I don’t need it.
  • I’m already backlogged with enough clients at the moment.

However, healthcare is a trillion dollar industry. Increased health awareness has resulted in significant change in the industry. The focus is moving away from illness treatment to wellness care with a need for personalised care. Today’s industry has two important areas to improve and that is improving the quality of care, and reducing the cost of care.

Today’s industry has two important areas to improve and that is improving the quality of care, and reducing the cost of care.

This shift into proactive healthcare (especially psychological) is driving potential clients to become smarter and more tech savvy by using the internet to get more info on how and where they can manage their health.

With eHealth encouraged by the APS, and its many benefits benefits we ask ourselves Where is the easiest place to start? Your website!

Improving your website for new and existing clients

Your website is the strongest place that you can help new and existing clients. As owners of computers and smartphone know all too well the convenience that internet enabled devices can provide us go hand in hand with eHealth.

It’s your online office that’s available 24/7

This is something that adds real value to your practise. Whilst you might be out of the office, your website has the opportunity to give some important information. Things like sharing your credentials and experience, the services you offer, your location, opening hours and even making a booking.

A website protects your social media efforts

Instead, you might already have a facebook page and engage your audience here, so what’s the point in getting a website? It’s all about protecting these channels. Facebook is already reducing visibility of group pages which only spells bad news for groups with less than one thousand members. Having a website ensures total control of the information and ways people can reach you.

You can take your social media efforts to the next level by leading them to your website to give a stronger chance of booking with you or picking up the phone to all you.

It’s a valuable tool

Having a stronger website gives you more flexibility with your unique offering to people. Simply for the following:

  • You can use it to assist in sales efforts.
  • Your marketing efforts to existing and potential clients.
  • Allows you to add a more personable touch to areas you service which may have a social stigma.

Also, an equally important reason to consider:

Your competition most likely has a website and is using that to help their business

What can you do right now to improve your web presence?

Even though there are a million digitally things, here are some things you can do right away:

  • Make your website available for mobile phones. People are more likely to learn more about you on their phones and tablets. Double check if your website works well across all devices to make it easier for people to discover you.

  • Become more discoverable. This means connecting online to your social platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) together. The next step is to ensure that you have the right contact details across these accounts so that people who find you can at least know more about you.

  • Share some of your thoughts online. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can share with people. You have some small methodologies or frameworks that are simple and effective. Sharing this knowledge provides further credibility to what you already have provides a point of difference for new clients and reinforces the value that you provide existing clients.

Where can we help?

We’d love to work with you and help make your website something that can both grow your business and change someones life. We have a wealth of experience and a really keen to share what we can do for your business through web design. Fill out the form below so we can get in touch.